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On December 8th, Candini's Best Magic Show was selected as the 2011 Best of San Antonio Award winner in the Magic category by the US Commerce Association!

Candini is one of San Antonio's premier magical performers of close up and stage mindreading, hypnosis, magic and paranormal entertainment.

Candini is the ONLY PROFESSIONAL MENTALIST IN SAN ANTONIO! As an after-dinner speaker, Candini enriches the corporate climate by his funny wit and mind boggling illusions and hypnosis demostrations.

He is available for Birthdays (age 9 and older), Texas Quinceañeras, Schools, Corporate and Office Parties, Weddings, Retirements, and other functions. Adults will be entertained at "all" parties so invite everyone for this unique entertainment!

Promote sales and generate leads during trade shows! Comedy, magic, telekenisis (moving objects), thought-reading, predictions, hypnosis and much more! His "Theatre of the Mind" show will keep your customers talking long after they leave your establishment.

Contact Candini at (210) 219-5596, email at: or just use the contact page now! Customer service is always a priority! Check out performance videos by clicking on TELEVISION link on the left above. Candini, see him now, remember him forever!